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Entourage (2004)

Film star Vince Chase navigates the vapid terrain of Los Angeles with a close circle of friends and his trusty agent.

Release Date: Sun, Jul 18, 2004

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 24

Adrian Grenier
Vincent Chase
Kevin Dillon
Johnny "Drama" Chase
Perrey Reeves
Melissa Gold
Rex Lee
Lloyd Lee
Debi Mazar
Shauna Roberts
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Sloan McQuewick
Rhys Coiro
Billy Walsh
Scott Caan
Scott Lavin

Season 8:

Home Sweet Home
Episode 1: Home Sweet Home (Jul 24, 2011)
The guys go to extremes to keep Vince away from temptation after he gets out of rehab, but they're also worried about triggering a relapse when he's excited about a lame idea for a movie. Meanwhile, Ari pleads with his wife to end their separation, and Eric and Scott court new clients for their fledgling management company.
Out With a Bang
Episode 2: Out With a Bang (Jul 31, 2011)
After writing a 20-page outline for his movie idea, Vince asks Billy to give it a once over. Ari finds out that Mrs. Gold may be lowering her standards after a tip from Lloyd. Drama's "Johnny's Bananas" costar Andrew Dice Clay needs representation, and leaves Drama reeling after getting an idea. Turtle consistently fails to get Alex on the phone. A miscommunication between Eric and Sloan turns into an encounter that Eric will not forget, yet will want to.
One Last Shot
Episode 3: One Last Shot (Aug 07, 2011)
A benevolent Vince defies his friends' advice and gives an old nemesis, producer Carl Ertz, a second chance when he claims to be interested in the miner movie. Meanwhile, Andrew Dice Clay takes a stand on his "Johnny's Bananas" contract despite Drama's disapproval. Lloyd convinces Ari to go on a date, and Turtle has a meeting with his boss about his future with Avion.
Whiz Kid
Episode 4: Whiz Kid (Aug 14, 2011)
Shauna goes into damage-control mode when Vince must pass a drug test after being caught in a compromising position. Ari escorts an old flame to Bobby Flay's restaurant to get back at his wife following a rancorous session of couples therapy.
Episode 5: Motherfucker (Aug 21, 2011)
Dissatisfied with his new "Johnny's Bananas" costar, Drama hatches a plan to bring Andrew Dice Clay back to the show. Meanwhile, Vince tries to do his own damage control with a Vanity Fair interview, Eric bonds with Sloan's ex-stepmother over their romantic woes, and Ari's recent tryst makes for an awkward business meeting with Dana Gordon.
The Big Bang
Episode 6: The Big Bang (Aug 28, 2011)
Ari gets unsettling news from his lawyer about his divorce. Eric is floored by a gift from Melinda Clarke, but unnerved by a revelation from Johnny Galecki. Vince deals with the fallout from his interview and Turtle meets his new business partners.
Second to Last
Episode 7: Second to Last (Sep 04, 2011)
Turtle turns to his investors for more money when his new business partners eye an expensive property. Meanwhile, Eric and Melinda crash Sloan's date, the miner movie gets personal for Ari, and Vince woos Sophia.
The End
Episode 8: The End (Sep 11, 2011)
Vince takes a surprising step after a first date with Sophia. A therapy session yields mixed results for Ari and Mrs. Ari, and Vince, Drama and Turtle urge Sloan to work things out with Eric.

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