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After moving to a new town with her stressed-out parents and relentlessly popular little sister, Daria uses her acerbic wit and keen powers of observation to contend with the mind-numbingly ridiculous world of Lawndale High.

Release Date: Mon, Mar 03, 1997

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 21

Tracy Grandstaff
Daria Morgendorffer (voice)
Wendy Hoopes
Jane Lane / Quinn Morgendorffer / Helen Morgendorffer (voice)
Julián Rebolledo
Jake Morgendorffer (voice)
Marc Thompson
Kevin Thompson (voice)
Alvaro J. Gonzalez
Trent Lane (voice)
Jessica Cydnee Jackson
Jodie Landon (voice)
Janie Mertz
Brittany Taylor / Sandi Griffin (voice)
Geoffrey Arend
Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III (voice)
Sarah Drew
Stacy Rowe (voice)
John Worth Lynn, Jr.
Sick, Sad World's Announcer (voice)
Ashley Albert
Tiffany Blum-Deckler (voice)
Wes Spencer
Dog (voice)

Season 5:

Fizz Ed
Episode 1: Fizz Ed (Feb 19, 2001)
Lawndale High is low on funds and the students and Faculty need to start cutting corners.
Sappy Anniversary
Episode 2: Sappy Anniversary (Feb 26, 2001)
Quinn reflects on anniversaries and her many admirers.
Fat Like Me
Episode 3: Fat Like Me (Mar 05, 2001)
The fashion club sets new membership guidelines.
Camp Fear
Episode 4: Camp Fear (Mar 12, 2001)
Daria and Quinn attend a camp reunion where a greased watermelon lies in wait.
The Story of D
Episode 5: The Story of D (Mar 19, 2001)
The Fashion Club is inspired to do community service.
Lucky Strike
Episode 6: Lucky Strike (Mar 26, 2001)
The teachers of Lawndale High demand their rights.
Art Burn
Episode 7: Art Burn (Apr 02, 2001)
The members of Mystic Spiral are traumatized by an exploding fog machine.
One J at a Time
Episode 8: One J at a Time (May 21, 2001)
Another family dinner at the Morgendorffer household.
Life in the Past Lane
Episode 9: Life in the Past Lane (May 28, 2001)
Upchuck impresses Kevin and Brittany with a card trick.
Aunt Nauseam
Episode 10: Aunt Nauseam (Jun 04, 2001)
The Morgendorffer family prepares for some sibling rivalry between Helen and her sister Rita.
Prize Fighters
Episode 11: Prize Fighters (Jun 11, 2001)
Daria's family encourages her to apply for a college scholarship.
My Night at Daria's
Episode 12: My Night at Daria's (Jun 18, 2001)
Daria and Tom enjoy a not-so-quiet evening at home.
Boxing Daria
Episode 13: Boxing Daria (Jun 25, 2001)
Daria becomes obsessed with a big carton. Who wouldn't?

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