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Raising Hope (2010)

James "Jimmy" Chance is a clueless 24-year-old who impregnates a serial killer during a one-night-stand. Earning custody of his daughter after the mother is sentenced to death, Jimmy relies on his oddball but well-intentioned family for support in raising the child.

Release Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 4:

Déja Vu Man
Episode 1: Déja Vu Man (Nov 15, 2013)
Burt and Virginia decide to investigate a when strange man keeps popping up in the Chances' lives; Maw Maw reveals a secret about Virginia's past.
Burt Bucks
Episode 2: Burt Bucks (Nov 15, 2013)
Burt and Virginia learn about the economy when they try to introduce a new bartering system to Natesville; Jimmy questions his masculinity after Sabrina saves his life.
Ship Happens
Episode 3: Ship Happens (Nov 22, 2013)
When Sabrina learns Jimmy never went on a family vacation, she decides to take Hope on a trip and prove to Burt and Virginia that family vacations aren't necessarily stressful.
Episode 4: Hi-Def (Nov 22, 2013)
Extreme Howdy's Makeover
Episode 5: Extreme Howdy's Makeover (Nov 29, 2013)
Howdy's gets business innovator Maxine as its new owner, and all employees must come up with a big idea to change the store.
Episode 6: Adoption (Nov 29, 2013)
Sabrina wants to officially adopt Hope as her own, but the official adoption process doesn't give her the "Motherhood Moment" for which she was hoping.
Episode 7: DysfunctionFunction (Dec 06, 2013)
Virginia and Burt fear that Jimmy and Sabrina's marriage has lost its spark, so they use their own relationship experiences to try and shake things up.
Murder, She Hoped
Episode 8: Murder, She Hoped (Dec 06, 2013)
Burt and Virginia get new back-fence neighbors, and Burt is convinced that there is something suspicious about them.
The Chance Who Stole Christmas
Episode 9: The Chance Who Stole Christmas (Dec 13, 2013)
Burt wants to be elected the interim Mayor of Natesville so that Virginia will have the honor of plugging in the town Christmas tree. But being mayor turns Burt into a Grinch.
Bee Story
Episode 10: Bee Story (Dec 13, 2013)
Burt and Virginia go undercover to expose a corporate scandal that is killing all the bees in Natesville.
Hey There, Delilah
Episode 11: Hey There, Delilah (Jan 10, 2014)
The bickering between Virginia and her visiting cousin leads Maw Maw to threaten to leave everything to the one who acts the most civil; Jimmy and Sabrina have difficulty finding a baby sitter.
Hot Dish
Episode 12: Hot Dish (Jan 17, 2014)
When Jimmy says Sabrina's casserole is better than his mom's, Virginia enters them both in a cooking competition; Burt invites his mother to participate in the contest.
Thrilla in Natesvilla
Episode 13: Thrilla in Natesvilla (Jan 24, 2014)
Burt and Virginia get in a fight while trying to help Barney and Maxine's relationship; Jimmy and Sabrina try fencing to reduce stress in their relationship.
Road to Natesville
Episode 14: Road to Natesville (Jan 31, 2014)
When Howdy's hosts contestants from around the world in the International Grocery Games, the American team is embroiled in a scandal and Burt and Virginia must take their place.
Anniversary Ball
Episode 15: Anniversary Ball (Feb 07, 2014)
The Chances visit a dude ranch for their anniversary but Burt is keeping a secret from Virginia.
The One Where They Get High
Episode 16: The One Where They Get High (Feb 28, 2014)
Maw Maw has found a new love, Hubert, who encourages her to engage in some reckless activity. When Virginia finds herself scolding Maw Maw, she fears she's become a lame adult and wants Burt to do more risk-taking activities with her. Jimmy and Sabrina follow suit when they find themselves spying on their own babysitter.
Baby Phat
Episode 17: Baby Phat (Mar 07, 2014)
Burt and Virginia are in desperate need of a vacation and, at Barney's suggestion, head to a resort for a little R&R. But the "resort" turns out to be a different kind of place than they were hoping for. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina decide they want to have a baby.
Dinner with Tropes
Episode 18: Dinner with Tropes (Mar 14, 2014)
Virginia's boss Louise begins grooming her for the role of regional sales manager. But when Virginia sees what her boss' job is really like, she has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina are worried about Hope's lack of compassion when she feels no sadness over the death of her pet fish, and Burt and Virginia perform at the Natesville Telethon.
Para-Natesville Activity
Episode 19: Para-Natesville Activity (Mar 21, 2014)
Virginia stops believing in magical things, but second guesses herself when a ghost appears in their house. When Burt discovers that Jim Hughes has secretly been living in their house's bomb shelter, Burt and Jim play along with Virginia's antics in order to make her believe in the paranormal again. Meanwhile, Burt and Virginia learn some news about Jim that scares them straight.
Man's Best Friend
Episode 20: Man's Best Friend (Mar 28, 2014)
When Virginia and Burt realize they are suffering from "empty nest syndrome," Sabrina suggests they adopt a dog. But when they are turned down by the pound, they are given a trial period as dog owners with Michael, who ends up overstaying his welcome at the Chance's home. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to prove to Sabrina that he's still a ladies man, even when he doesn't have Hope with him to attract women.
How I Met Your Mullet
Episode 21: How I Met Your Mullet (Apr 04, 2014)
Jimmy and Sabrina get a surprise when they learn that Sabrina's late grandmother has left them the family maid, who has a lifetime contract with the family. Meanwhile, Virginia gets a promotion at work that allows Burt to retire and pursue his passion – even if he doesn't know what his passion is.
The Father Daughter Dance
Episode 22: The Father Daughter Dance (Apr 04, 2014)
In the series finale, Virginia's father Arnold returns to Natesville seeking help in planning his upcoming wedding. But Arnold surprises everyone when he reveals that the wedding Virginia has planned is really for her and Burt – the dream wedding they never got to have as teen parents.

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