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Quick Draw McGraw (1959)

The Quick Draw McGraw Show is the third cartoon television production created by Hanna-Barbera, starring an anthropomorphic cartoon horse named Quick Draw McGraw

Release Date: Tue, Sep 29, 1959

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 7

Daws Butler
Quick Draw/Baba Looey
Vance Colvig
Tombstone Jones
Julie Bennett
Sagebrush Sal

Season 3:

El Kabong Was Wrong
Episode 1: El Kabong Was Wrong (Sep 15, 1961)
This is the story of Cactus Cecil who was determined to rob a bank in the old west, and he uses El Kabong to make it happen.
Dynamite Fright
Episode 2: Dynamite Fright (Sep 22, 1961)
Quick Draw, Baba Looey and Snuffles track down a short outlaw who plans to blow up the new dam.
Baba Bait
Episode 3: Baba Bait (Sep 29, 1961)
Quick Draw and Baba Looey goes to a small town that is in peril because of a robber called "The Masked Mosquito" and Quick Draw uses Baba Looey as bait to find "The Masked Mosquito."
Big Town El Kabong
Episode 4: Big Town El Kabong (Oct 06, 1961)
Quick Draw and Baba Looey go to the city to track down a thief. El Kabong and the thief get into a sword fight.
Mine Your Manners
Episode 5: Mine Your Manners (Oct 13, 1961)
Quick Draw employs Snuffles to get a skunk out of a mine.
The Mark of El Kabong
Episode 6: The Mark of El Kabong (Oct 20, 1961)
El Kabong has a showdown with Generale Badguyos.

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