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The Waltons (1972)

The Waltons live their life in a rural Virginia community during the Great Depression and World War II.

Release Date: Thu, Sep 14, 1972

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 50

Ralph Waite
John Walton Sr.
Jon Walmsley
Jason Walton
David W. Harper
Jim-Bob Walton
Eric Scott
Ben Walton
Kami Cotler
Elizabeth Walton
Joe Conley
Ike Godsey
Judy Norton
Mary Ellen Walton

Season 9:

The Outrage (1)
Episode 1: The Outrage (1) (Nov 27, 1980)
Harley Foster and John have a delivery out of town. They have to deal with prejudice first hand when Harley gets arrested for an old crime. John goes and sees President Roosevelt for a pardon.
The Outrage (2)
Episode 2: The Outrage (2) (Nov 27, 1980)
Cont for part 1
The Pledge
Episode 3: The Pledge (Dec 04, 1980)
Mary Ellen feels inadequate as a nurse to help Mountain folk. Against the Dean's advice, Mary Ellen applies for medical school.
The Triumph
Episode 4: The Triumph (Dec 18, 1980)
With the war drawing to a close, Jason and a young man in his squad deal with the question of killing. Ike and Corabeth face problems with the Ration Board.
The Premonition
Episode 5: The Premonition (Dec 25, 1980)
Cindy has bad dreams about Ben, who becomes a POW. John-Boy falls in love with a french girl in Paris who runs a book shop.
The Pursuit
Episode 6: The Pursuit (Jan 01, 1981)
Jim-Bob's ex-girlfriend comes to Walton's Mountain saying that Jim-Bon is the father of her baby. In the Pacific, Ben is still a POW.
The Last Ten Days
Episode 7: The Last Ten Days (Jan 08, 1981)
Ben is taken on an unexpected trip by his captor who turns Ben in to the American forces. Toni is seriously courted by Jason.
The Move
Episode 8: The Move (Jan 15, 1981)
Ben comes home from the war and tells John he wants to study engineering. The long awaited vacation that Erin plans to go on is interrupted. John tells the his family he has to take Olivia to Arizona to the sanitarium.
The Whirlwind
Episode 9: The Whirlwind (Jan 22, 1981)
Mary Ellen agrees to marry Jonesey but finds out that Curt might very well be alive. The Dew Drop Inn is reopened by Jason.
The Tempest
Episode 10: The Tempest (Feb 05, 1981)
Mary Ellen finds out that Curt is still alive. He is living in Florida but is quite the different person from the man she remembers. J.D. asks Erin to come back to work by begging Erin.
The Carousel
Episode 11: The Carousel (Feb 12, 1981)
Cindy's father gets killed and Cindy finds out she is adopted when she goes through some old papers. Cindy goes to find her Mother. Elizabeth and Drew have problems.
The Hot Rod
Episode 12: The Hot Rod (Feb 19, 1981)
Jim-Bob and Jody get discharged from the service. They celebrate and they decide to open up a garage. The Baldwin sisters get forced to close their recipe machine until they discover their Grandfather's still in a secret room.
The Gold Watch
Episode 13: The Gold Watch (Feb 26, 1981)
Stanley Perkins comes again and eventually says he is suffering from a nervous break down. Because of a new singer at The Dew Drop Inn that pays too much attention to Toni, Jason has problems. Rose gives Stanley a gold watch.
The Beginning
Episode 14: The Beginning (Mar 05, 1981)
Tom Marshall, the new minister, comes to Walton's Mountain and shakes up the congregation. Toni moves into the Baldwin's home and she tells the family she's Jewish. Toni and Jason decide to get married.
The Pearls
Episode 15: The Pearls (Mar 12, 1981)
Orma Lee, Corabeth's twin sister, arrives to see Ike when Corabeth is away. Elizabeth goes to Arizona to see Olivia and John because she feels lonely.
The Victims
Episode 16: The Victims (Mar 19, 1981)
The Waltons help a woman who's husband beats her when he is drunk. Jim-Bob decides he will make a fortune by investing in war surplus.
The Threshold
Episode 17: The Threshold (Apr 02, 1981)
John-Boy comes home to ponder his future and he ends up doing a TV show for Boatwright University. Rose is given a run for her money by Zuleika Dunbar over the affection of Stanley.
The Indiscretion
Episode 18: The Indiscretion (May 07, 1981)
Corabeth finds Ike's old love letters and files for a divorce. Drew wants to spend a romantic night with Elizabeth.
The Heartache
Episode 19: The Heartache (May 14, 1981)
Rose cancels her wedding to Stanley because she hides a heart condition. Cindy realizes that she would rather stay home than work in the shop.
The Lumberjack
Episode 20: The Lumberjack (May 21, 1981)
A member of a influential family named Paul Matthews Northridge brings mystery & romance to Erin.
The Hostage
Episode 21: The Hostage (May 28, 1981)
A 14 year old girl is promised marriage in mountain tradition. Mary Ellen interferes and the bride-groom kidnaps Elizabeth to get his bride back. Octavia, an eccentric cousin of the Baldwins, is treated to a visit by him.
The Revel
Episode 22: The Revel (Jun 04, 1981)
John-Boy comes back home after he hits upon hard times when he is in New York pursuing his writing career. The Baldwin sisters send out invitations for the lavish ball and the invitations are returned. The Waltons save the day for the Baldwins.

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